9/11 Afghan Opium Graph

Published on June 2nd, 2012 | by I Am Awake


The real reason why America invaded Afghanistan

A short story explaining why U.S. entered Afghanistan, and why they have no plans to withdraw troops from there:

- Before 1980, Afghanistan produced 0% of the world’s opium

- After the US/CIA backed Mujahideen won the Soviet/Afghan war, by 1986 they were producing 40% of the world’s heroin supply

- By 1999, they were producing 80% of the total market supply

- But then something unexpected happened

- The Taliban rose to power, and by 2000 they had destroyed most of the opium fields. Production dropped from 3,000+ tons to only 185 tons, a 94% reduction.

- On Sept. 9th 2001, the full Afghanistan invasion plans were on President Bush’s desk

Source: NBC News Report

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