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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by I Am Awake


CISPA co-author (Feb, 2013): Tragedy needed to pass cybersecurity bill

“We don’t do anything well after a significant emotional event.” Should there be a cyberattack on America on par with 9/11, Congress “will get all the bills passed we want.”

These were the words of Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger when he re-introduced the highly controversial cybersecurity bill, CISPA, just two months ago.

Well it seems as though Ruppersberger wasted no team in seizing the opportunity after the recent tragedy of the Boston marathon bombings which have dominated the front pages throughout the US, acting as a smokescreen to pass the privacy-shredding bill CISPA, which he happens to co-sponsor.

Rep. Mike McCaul of Texas, on Thursday, used the Boston bombings to argue that CISPA needed to be introduced:

“I think if anything, the recent events in Boston demonstrate, that we have to come together to get this done in name,” McCaul said at a House hearing. “In the case of Boston, they were real bombs. In this case they’re digital bombs. These bombs are on their way. That’s why this legislation is so urgent.”

On Thursday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted 288-127 in favor of the bill. The next checkpoint for CISPA is the  Senate followed by the desk of Barack Obama who will have the final say in whether the bill is passed or not. It must be noted however, that Senior White House  advisers would recommend to the US President that he reject the bill.

Help stop CISPA

Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, has started an online campaign to stop CISPA and has called on Google, Facebook and Twitter to join him in his cause:


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