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Published on March 14th, 2012 | by I Am Awake


HR 347 Signed – Protesting is now illegal, the first amendment erased

As predicted in our previous post, ‘Kony Hoax Dissected’, the Obama administration would use the mass attention generated by the  release of the KONY 2012 documentary to divert attention from the heavy condemnation of his crook buddies on Wall Street by the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movements and all the ‘Occupy’ groups around the United States. Obama has gone one step further – criminalizing the act of protesting.

Last Monday (5th March) the House passed HR 347, better known as the ‘Trespass Bill’ which gives federal agents the power to arrest anyone engaged in protest throughout the U.S., essentially bringing and end to freedom of speech. The bill passed 388-3, unsurprisingly one of those who voted against it was Senator Ron Paul

Whereas the United States should have been informed about a law that was planning to take away ‘The First Amendment’ instead woke up to a viral video attempting to make them believe that the number one priority for this year should be to capture a man that has been inactive for over six years, President Obama was able to sign the document on Thursday without any outside pressure.

Here is all you need to know about HR 347 and what it its implications are:

Thankfully , this has not shunned the spirit of the ‘Occupy’ movements as the DC branch was out in force on Monday (12th March) to protest HR 347 which they rightly believe is a ploy to cover up the shady actions of politicians and the criminals on Wall Street

One CNN reporter did have the courage to speak out against the bill – ‘It seems like this bill is specifically targeting “Occupy” protesters, and restricting their freedom of speech’

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