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Paolo Barnard: The truth about Brexit

Paolo Barnard, the most censored Italian economic journalist, reveals the truth about Brexit and the European Union

The recent decision of the British public to leave the European Union sent shockwaves around the continent, and beyond.

With a narrow 52%-48% result, it was understandable that there would be plenty of division among Brits, as well as other Europeans, as to whether this would be a beneficial outcome.

But with the majority of mainstream media outlets, multinational corporations and influential NGOs backing the ‘Remain’ camp, the impression given to the public is that the Brexit vote will lead to a catastrophe, with fear-mongering, empty speculation and shaming of those who voted leave incessantly pumped out on a daily basis.

That is why Italian journalist Paolo Barnard’s five-minute explanation of why the Brexit vote should be seen as positive makes for a refreshing change, as it is based on facts.

Barnard rubbishes various myths that have been doing the rounds about how the British economy will collapse, that it will not be able to trade with its neighbors, as well as mentioning a very important fact that is being grossly overlooked: the vote has made the global elites and multinationals tremble.

If you want to know the truth behind the EU and its financial dictatorship you can read the following essay “The Gravest Crime” written by Paolo Barnard for free:

Full video transcript:

There are three things to consider about BREXIT: the Economy, the Nomenclature and the Democracy behind it

I have to give you some facts, I’m sorry if I bore you, but real journalism is also made up of facts.

The economic implications: if a Briton overlooks Dover’s cliffs, what does he see?

He sees a Europe that from 2007 to today has lost its GDP to the point of not getting it back he turns around to the other side, and sees an America that from 2007 up until today has regained all of their GDP and added 10% to the national wealth.

Not good for Europe.

He sees Euro with a balance of the current account of France, Italy, Spain of €1,200billion, still in the red.

He sees an unemployment rate that is double of the one in the UK.

He sees a deflation, for which Draghi (President of the European Central Bank) is in desperation and sees banking gaps for €1.7trillion in Europe that nobody is covering.

They say that BREXIT will bring damage to the UK. Well, Open Europe, the biggest Think Tank in Europe of economy and politics and the European Commission data bank give us the following data:

The maximum loss for the UK for the exit from the EU is of 1% of GDP, the maximum loss of the city of London, large financial center in the European business, is 1.1% of GDP.

Then there’s the threat to the commercial bloc: “the UK is going to leave Europe, commercial bloc!”

There’s just one small detail that no-one considers, that Europe exports to the UK ten times more than what the UK exports in Europe  it will be very difficult for France, Germany, Italy and Spain etc. to lose billions of exports by blocking the UK.

Then there’s the threaten of the loss of the single market – there are 500 million potential European consumers that are in great trouble while the UK, deregulated and outside of EU has “something like” 2.2 billion potential customers in emerging countries and then they say that BREXIT will affect companies – it’s BS.

It affects the 0,4% of the huge British companies. Companies like Shell, BP, Glaxo, Vodafone and Unilever.

Let’s now see the advantages of BREXIT, very quickly:

Freedom of deregulating the UK to have access to free trade treaties to 2.2 billion potential customers that they don’t have today.

This is of great importance: no more financial losses for small and medium companies.

Now think about this, the small and medium British companies lose 760 million euros EACH WEEK due to the suffocating, Soviet and authoritarian bureaucracy of Brussels.

The EU blocks the contestability to the British companies – this means, access with not boundaries to the market also to the greatly boasted European market.

The UK exports 12% to the EU but 100% of its economy is blocked by the suffocating laws of Brussels.

London, which could lose 1,1% (of its GDP), will be able to export 10% of the British GDP in the whole world and the UK, other than having the biggest financial center in the world, has also another interesting thing: Petroleum, and it is a great amount of petroleum, because Brent has the largest reserves of any other European country.

There has been fear-mongering in the markets: “If the UK exits the EU, it will sink, it will turn into Africa, three million unemployed”

The historical memory here is not working:

In 1992, the UK had a system similar to this one; it was called the European Monetary System.

They were kicked out. Everybody said: “It’s the death of the UK”

It was the day that the UK, and the city of London left for “outer space”.

Then there are the democratic implications, also very important, the UK got rid of the nomenclature, which we have talked about it on this show for years, [the nomenclature] authoritarian that has humiliated all the national parliaments of Europe.

In 1993 the German Constitutional Court emits a judgement that states: “The European Parliament is a NON-democratic tool.”

Also, there is something else that has to be considered, the loss of the self-determination of European people.

Due to this nomenclature there have been great shifts [in power] towards the right wing. We have seen this in France with Le Pen, in Austria with Hofer or with Golden Dawn in Greece.

Good, with the UK out of this trap it is now free from UKIP, the only British nationalist party of the right that wins because the UK stays in Europe now the British want to leave, from this Economicide, from this authoritarian EU and from this nomenclature

Why are Bilderberg’s men trembling? What are the huge companies afraid of? No they’re not scared of an economic loss, they are scared of the loss of control over a neo-feudal, authoritarian and anti-democratic project called the European Union.

[End of transcript]

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