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Published on March 13th, 2012 | by I Am Awake


The Federal Reserve: Why they sunk the Titanic

In 1910, seven men met near the coast of Georgia, on Jekyll island, to plan the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderclip represented the Rockefellers. Benjamin Strong, Henry Davidson and Charles Norton represented J.P. Morgan while Paul Warburg represented the Rothschilds.

A major stumbling block in their objective were primarily three other families: Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss, and Jacob Astor. These were three of the most powerful families in the United States and strongly opposed the creation of a Private offshore bank in charge of their country’s monetary system as they knew it had the power to enslave the public.

The company which produced the Titanic was White Star Alliance, who owned White Star Alliance…? J.P. Morgan

JP Morgan invited many wealthy businessmen from America who were opposed to the Federal Reserve Act to take part in the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Captain Edward Smith had been traveling the North Atlantic for 26 years and was regarded as the world’s most experienced master in those cold waters. He knew exactly where the icebergs were yet propelled the Titanic full speed at 22 knots on a moonless night and through a huge ice field 80 square miles in area.

On April 14th, the unsinkable ship sank, along with Guggenheim, Strauss and Astor.

‘Coincidentally’ Morgan called in sick on the day Titanic set sail. He also had many of his bronze statues taken off the ship an hour before she sailed, while it is also worth mentioning that he took out a multimillion dollar insurance on the ship five days before.

A year later, the Federal Reserve Act was signed


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