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14 of the best George Carlin quotes

Very few people in the public eye had the ability, or guts, to talk about the most important of topics in such a damming, profound and humorous way as George Carlin did.

Never one to mince his words, Carlin discussed everything from politics, religion, culture, media and so much more. Even since his death in 2008, his popularity continues to rise thanks to social media as his words ring truer than ever.

Here are 14 of his best quotes on a variety of topics:

On the real owners of nations…

Carlin Owners

On advertising:

Carlin Advertising

On war:


On organized religion:

carlin Religion

and again…

On stupid people:

On education budget cuts:

On the ‘American Dream':

carlin amercan dream

On teaching kids to question everything:

Question EverythingOn politicians and media highlighting our differences:

On ignorance:

Selfish Ignorant

On the illusion of choice:

illusion of choice

On critical thinking:

critical thinking

On how the government wants the public to be:



As a little extra, here is Carlin, in one of his best ever rants, explaining the American Dream:

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