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Published on January 21st, 2019 | by I Am Awake


Covington Catholic School incident a reckless media-spin

The Covington Catholic High School controversy is the most absurd and reckless media-spin in recent memory, a dangerous knee-jerk reaction that provided a stark reality-check for anyone still under the illusion that hate and intolerance belongs on only one side of the political spectrum.

News circulated over the weekend about a group of ‘racist teens’ supposedly ‘intimidating’ and ‘mocking’ a Native American elder, with proof coming in the form of an image of a kid smiling in the face of the man.

Within minutes of the image going on Twitter, an angry mob of so-called journalists and activists screamed for the 15-year-old’s name to be released and be expelled, and articles on how these Trump-supporting teens shouted “build the wall” went viral.

The truth: the group standing in the square merely watched, while some sang along, as the elder entered their circle and repeatedly banged a drum in their faces. Nobody screamed “build the wall” as claimed by the media, proven by this 1-hour 46-minute video:

Spiteful agenda-driven journalists and individuals have put at major risk the safety of these kids simply because it fit their narrative: they spread photos, names, profiles and even contacted one of the boy’s mother.

Incredibly, if they watched a further few minutes of the video after the drum incident, they’d have heard a racist group call the kids: “future school shooters”, “crackers” and “incest babies” – conveniently, the media didn’t deem any of that racist or provocative, or even newsworthy at all.

Media channels love to play the victim when labelled ‘Fake News’, but the Covington ordeal proves exactly why so many now justifiably resent them.

Instead of impartially analyzing a matter, they opt for biased premature assumptions to embolden their own belief system, thus fuelling division and creating a toxic political climate.

For those who have been paying attention in the last few years, it is just another in a long line of such cases. The rest choose to remain in an echo chamber where no such possibility could exist, and are then shocked and outraged when beliefs they dislike rise to prominence.

Only introspection and honesty can cure this problem, but I don’t see it happening.

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