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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by I Am Awake


Kony Hoax Dissected: LRA inactive, China, false-flag for African invasion & Wall Street/Obama propaganda

As the narrator, Jason Russell, says near the start of the KONY 2012 documentary: “The game has new rules, the next 27 minutes are an experiment”

He was right, the public was tested on a new important political issue with worldwide significance and the majority fell for what they were being told. While it was refreshing to see global consciousness about human rights violations and a determination to bring an evil man to justice, this blind commitment to an issue that most were only learning about for the first time is not the solution, it is our duty as human beings to look at both sides of the argument. After all, the truth does not fear investigation.

This report will show the other side of the coin, after thoroughly investigating everything involved with the documentary, much of the information we received in the superbly made video was misleading, suspicious and ultimately untrue. We originally wanted to present it as a suggestion that it ‘could’ be a set-up but after the compelling evidence found, it is hard to call it anything other than an obvious American false-flag operation to justify wars that will bring helpless countries to their knees and rob them of their abundant natural resources, masked as humanitarian aid.

The whole thing is designed to play with our heads, a catch-22 situation. How can anyone not support something like this? We are led on a journey of emotions about a man who abuses children, kidnaps them and hires them for war, how can we not agree what these people are saying?

Speaking out against the KONY 2012 movement does not mean we in any way approve what he has done; it is to bring to attention the deeper meaning behind why this documentary was made, darker reasons that have nothing to do with saving children’s lives, but for financial and political interests. We’ve seen it all before, let’s not be fooled again.

Joseph Kony has headed an army in Uganda which has committed horrifying crimes against children with an estimated 30,000 killed and has led this battle for over 20 years and The Invisible Children charity, funded in 2004, is supposedly trying to put an end to it by raising awareness which aims to gain enough backing for the U.S. Government to intervene and bring this man to justice.

Invisible Children admit LRA inactive and ‘war in Uganda is over’, support child soldier group

The charity itself however is rather questionable, firstly let’s look at its finances:

The statistics are not encouraging, out of the $8.9 million spent in 2011, $1.7 million was on US employee salaries, over $1.1m in Film and Production costs and $1.07 million in travel expensesamong many other questionable expenditures such as $16,000 on ‘Entertainment’ and quarter of a million in ‘professional services’ considered to be Washington DC lobbyists. (1)

Only 31% ($2.8m) is actually sent to Uganda but even that is believed to go to the Ugandan army supposedly after the L.R.A, which has continued to commit many more crimes than Kony’s tribe. The IC also still refuses to have its financial book independently audited.

Many activists who have worked in Uganda and genuinely helped its people are of the belief that the LRA no longer exist in the country having been forced out years ago. Michael Kirkpatrick has frequented Uganda since 1998 and partnered himself with his Ugandan friends to help the underprivileged people in their villages and communities and is adamant that “the region of northernUganda has been free of LRA rebel activity for over five years (comments in 2010).”  He says there is now peace and rebuilding going on and the IC are aware of this. When he confronted them about this information, the Invisible Children admitted the war is no longer going on in Uganda via this email:

I agree with you that leading people to believe that the war is still happening in Uganda is not ethically right. It’s something we’ve been addressing internally, focusing on getting all staff and supporters on the same page in regards to the language they use in their communications.” (2)

Dr Beatrice Mpora, director of Kairos, a community health organization in Gulu, a town that was once the centre of the rebels’ activities is outraged at the release of the KONY 2012 documentary as the LRA are no longer around in Uganda:

There has not been a single soul from the LRA here since 2006. Now we have peace, people are back in their homes, they are planting their fields, they are starting their businesses. That is what people should help us with.” (3)

A blogger and frequent visitor of Uganda wrote this in 2006: “Uganda is no longer experiencing violence from the LRA. Yes, I said it. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but it is a truth. Kony and his troops have been pushed into Congo.” (4) To back up this claim, a BBC journalist even interviews Kony in 2006 and meets him not in Uganda, but in a Congolese jungle (5).

What’s curious is that even in the KONY 2012 documentary, it shows that the LRA has moved completely out of Uganda and entered neighboring countries including Sudan, Congo and Central African Republic while the convenient advert for Facebook’s largely unpopular ‘timeline’ points to that occurring in 2007, as would support the afforementioned notion that the LRA are no longer active in Uganda.

Image shows LRA already out of Uganda in 2007 in KONY 2012 film

In November 2011, a Foreign Affairs article criticized Invisible Children for “manipulating facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony – a brutal man, to be sure – as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” (6)

This is extremely hypocritical of IC seeing as they are open supporters of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) who were part of a large civil war in Sudan that caused millions of casualties. The BBC announced in August 2010 that the SPLA discharged 20,000 child soldierswhile 900 remained. (7)

This picture is of Jason Russell (the narrator in the film), Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole, founders of Invisible Children and makers of KONY 2012 wtih the SPLA who had more than 20,000 child soldiers

In the documentary Russell talks about the time he and his team were left disappointed by various members of congress who stated it would be impossible for the government to get involved: “There is no way the United States will ever get involved in a conflict where our national security or financial interests are not at stake.” Well, now, that has all changed.

The largest on-shore oil field in sub-Saharan Africa was recently found… where? Uganda

After eleven years in Iraq and Afghanistan which ended up an obvious invasion of sovereign nations purely for the exhaustion of natural resources, it would be near impossible to convince the American people to enter another oil-rich area under the pretext of war.

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, historian and economist predicted the invasion of the African continent via the pretext of humanitarian intervention back in 2009 in the documentary ‘The Obama Deception’. He also says that the LRA and Kony have been inactive for years and that the eventual goal of America and England is to drive China out of these areas (8)

In 2006, a major oil strike was made near Lake Albert in the western part of Uganda which geologists deem to contain a minimum of 2 billion barrels. Only a quarter of the area has so far been explored which includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo, some experts even say there could be up to 6 billion barrels.

Reports last year said that Uganda expects to start producing an initial 200,000 barrels per day in early this year and is believed to reach peak production by 2015 (9)

In October 2011, John Pilger, two-time journalist of the year, ridiculed America’s decision to send military forces to Uganda and that the LRA has never been weaker:

“Obama’s other justification also invites satire. This is the ‘national security of the United States’. The LRA has been doing its nasty work for 24 years. Today, it has fewer than 400 fighters, and has never been weaker. However, ‘US national security’ usually means buying a corrupt and thuggish regime that has something Washington wants. Uganda’s ‘president-for-life’, Yoweri Museveni, is already receiving the larger part of $45m in US military ‘aid’. The LRA will play a public relations role, distracting western journalists with its perennial horror stories.” (10)

Battle with China for Africa’s resources

He went on to say, “However, the main reason the U.S. is invading Africa is no different from that which ignited the Vietnam War. It is China.”

The African Development Bank Group estimated that Chinese corporations accounted for 40% of all corporate contracts in Africa signed in 2010 whereas U.S. firms managed just 2%. China is using development as opposed to military intervention to get to Africa’s natural resources.

Sudan, which borders Uganda in the south, is currently one of China’s top five trading partners and is a country that America is desperate to gain control of. This is why the U.S. has created the well publicized ‘Save Darfur’ campaign (western part of Sudan), a PR scam to attempt to damage China’s presence in the region. The ‘Save Darfur’ campaign employs viral marketing techniques, social media tools reaching out to college students, backed by top celebrities including Jay-Z, George Clooney, Rihanna, Oprah and Bono… sound familiar? (11)

People may wonder why the U.S. did not enter Africa sooner, well they tried but failed under George Bush. The defence secretary in 2000, Donald Rumsfeld wrote the initial plan to create a US-Africa defence ministry. A report was written by African Oil Policy Initiative Group (AOPIG) from the United States who were lobbyists who started the same old rhetoric about how entering Africa was ‘a matter of national security’ and congress started funding them to defend them from supposed terrorists of Al-Qaeda (12 – whole pdf here). “African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we go forward.”

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Walter Kansteiner III, 2000

However, when Bush visited various regions in Africa to promote this idea, a lot of countries rejected him as they saw through his evil ways so the plans were put on hold. That was until February 10th2007 when, then-senator, Obama introduced the same plan Rumsfeld had designed, under the name of AFRICOM – four days later he announced he would be running for presidency.

Why now, why 2012?

In October last year, President Barrack Obama committed 100 U.S. troops to Uganda who would help ‘advise’ the Ugandan army on how to deal with Kony’s group. The documentary claims that the only way to keep them there is by constant pressure from the people.

Throughout the documentary we are repeated the same message:

  •  “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is NOW
  •  “This expires on December 31st2012
  •  “It’s got to be 2012

Why does Obama only get involved now, when this problem has been going on for so long? Why do they insist that such an important issue should have an expiry date? Could it be because 2012 is election year? Just recently, on 8th March, it was announced that Obama’s approval ratings are at historic lows for a President that is seeking reelection at 45%. (13)

So guess who is going to look like the hero when they capture this evil man… guess who is then going to be re-elected and thus allowed to fulfill America’s planned invasion of various parts of Africa…

Look familiar?

As WikiLeaks cables and the U.S. National Strategy for Counter-terrorism revealed, American plans for Africa are part of a global design in which 60,000 Special Forces, including death squads, operate in 75 countries.

But if “the son of Africa” is not re-elected, the USA may find it difficult after 2012 to gain a foothold on the continent which will result in a massive shift of power in the future into the hands of the Chinese. Especially when Obama has such close contacts in the region, including Uganda’s neighbor Kenya, whose Prime Minister Raila Odinga is Obama’s cousin.

In the KONY 2012 documentary Senator Jim Inhofe, reiterates the need for immediate action this year: “If we take the pressure off, if we’re not successful he is going to be growing his numbers. It’s got to be 2012”

Going back to the point we mentioned earlier, the LRA is at its weakest ever state with just 200-400 remaining followers so to claim that the group will only get stronger is absurd. But there’s a reason for Inhofe’s desperation for immediate action: in the 2002 election cycle, Inhofe received more in donations from the oil and gas sector than any other Senator. Between 2002 and 2007 Inhofe received just over $3.4 million in donations from 20 industry sectors, 29% of which was from the energy sector (14)

Attention diverter

This sudden need to eliminate Kony is also to divert the attention from an equally important matter that has come to mainstream light which the bankers are not happy about want the public to start shifting their thoughts elsewhere – the Occupy Wall Street movement


The timing of the documentary release is uncanny, especially when you consider the volume of following that the Occupy movements have gathered all around the U.S. So by bringing out this film and encouraging everyone to place all their energy in bringing down Kony is a great way of diverting the focus away from the Occupy movement that has the bankers under intense scrutiny.

Obama received the highest amount of backing from any presidential candidates in US history from Wall Street corporations and, in return, filled the Whitehouse with countless Wall Street bankers. If everyone gets caught up in this ‘Stop Kony’ campaign, the Wall Street bankers will no longer have to worry about the movement that is scarring their already ravaged reputations

Need for a new boogeyman

Remember how the Iraq war started? We were told that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction, did he? No. But due to the majority believing the government at the time, it allowed American forces to enter Iraq, and while they found Saddam in late 2003, stayed there a further eight years. If it was only about killing the evil Saddam, then why not leave straight after?

Then there was Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda,  (15) who allegedly masterminded 9/11 even though he was on dialysis being treated at an American hospital in Dubai two months before the attacks and visited by CIA agents.  Yet still he managed to execute a plan whereby terrorists (who are still alive today) infiltrated the world’s most secure airspace and brought down three steel structures (first time in history steel is knocked down by fire) with two airplanes which justified the need to go into Afghanistan, despite Osama being Saudi Arabian.  After dropping bombs on Afghanistan taking some oil while they were there, found him last year in Pakistan despite the eastern world being of the belief that he had been dead many years ago. (16)

In the documentary, Jason Russell also tells his son Gavin that “Joseph Kony is invisible” and that they needed to make him famous in order for people to learn who he is so that he will be easier to find. You would think that top US military trained officers would study their subject well enough to recognize him; the ‘making him famous’ part is simply for Kony to get into everyone’s heads and convince people that he is the main priority and the embodiment of evil – after Bin Laden, America needs a new boogeyman for this decade.

How can one prove an invisible enemy, but more importantly for the American Government, how can one disprove an invisible enemy?

It’s going to be the same old propaganda we suffered with Bin Laden: first he’s in Afghanistan so let’s bomb there, then he’s in Pakistan let’s bomb them too, now they only have to mention the word ‘terrorist’ and it justifies their mass killings in Libya and Syria also. What they want to do is create another invisible enemy who’s going to first take them to Uganda, no one will be there (but the oil will) and then wonder through all other nearby countries like Congo, Sudan and many others, exactly like the Middle East hoax

With millions of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, are we to believe that the ‘good guys’, the U.S. army, will fly over and take Kony out in one shot and then return home? That only happens in the movies.

Final Word

KONY 2012 is just a propaganda campaign by the U.S. to access the bountiful oilfields and natural resources in East Africa; they will start in Uganda and end up invading all neighboring countries by claiming that the chase for Joseph Kony led them there.

Due to China’s massive head start in the race to dominate Africa’s resources, America are in desperate need to justify their entry in the region after the bloody wars in the Middle East and strong opposition back home, it will be under the mask of humanitarian aid.

If the Invisible Children and the U.S. are so conscientious of the well being of children in Africa then why is nothing done about the 6 million that have been massacred in Congo next door to Uganda? If they are against Kony’s use of child soldiers, why do they support the SPLA who recently admitted to having over 20,000 child soldiers? Why do they support the Ugandan Army and prime minister who were involved in killing nearly 8 million innocent people in Congo? What kind of charity supports military involvement?

In the days of 9/11, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter did not exist and people were more vulnerable to the propaganda being fed to us by the mainstream media. Now we have such great tools of information at our fingertips, we are able to cross-reference everything we are told and form our own opinions rather than being forced what we should think.

As the documentary says, ‘this is an experiment’. In reality, it is a test to see if we are awake, a test to see if we have learnt from the past. Let’s not be fooled. Spread the truth

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