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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by I Am Awake


Obama’s African Invasion: Vampire Analogy & Septimius Severus

According to many traditions, in order for a vampire to gain entry into a household he must do so by persuading the homeowner to invite him in as opposed to entering by force. For America to enter Africa, they realized that they would have to earn their trust and be invited in after George Bush’s failed attempt some years ago, that is exactly what Barack Obama is being used for.

While the major news networks have only revealed that Africa has abundant amounts of natural resources and oil reserves in recent years, America has been aware of the fact for decades. Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defence under the Bush administration, drew up a plan way back in 2000 for a US-Africa defence ministry. A report was written by AOPIG, African Oil Policy Initiative Group from the United States; these were lobbyists who started the familiar old rhetoric about how entering Africa was ‘a matter of national security’ and congress began to fund them to defend them from alleged terrorists of Al-Qaeda. (pdf here)

America sent troops to various parts of Africa in 2006 and then-president George Bush tried to promote the idea in person on several visits to the continent but the local people of each country greeted him with abuse and repulse as they aware of his past conquest of the Middle-East and correctly feared that he wanted to do the same to their land.

The attempt was a major setback and it allowed China to gain a massive head-start in the race to occupy Africa’ s natural resources. Their method was based on development and infrastructure rather than the American’s approach of military intervention so the U.S. government had to rethink their tactics on how to get a  foothold on Africa. Here is where the vampire analogy comes into play:

Barack Obama, in 2007, declared his operations in Africa, exactly as Rumsfeld had designed, but this time under the title of AFRICOM and then on February 10th, four days later he announces his candidacy for president.

What they did, in essence, was put the face of Obama on the next phase of their agenda, which is Africa. “The son of Africa”, as he is regarded in many parts of the continent, was brought in and presented as the savior of Africa’s natural resources and that America would now conduct themselves lawfully as it was “one of their own” in charge of their fate. It is also a bonus when, Kenya’s prime-minister Raila Odinga and Obama happen to be cousins, Kenya being the neighbour of America’s new targets Uganda and Sudan. The entire army, navy, marines will enter Africa under AFRICOM and just do another Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s the same old propaganda

These corrupt elite who control the majority of the world are incredibly smart and well-educated on past empires, knowing which tactics have been proven to work, and with Obama and Africa, they have taken a page out of history.

Septimius Severus

This is a carbon copy of when the Roman Empire was failing to invade African territories, so they put in power a man called Septimius Severus, from 145AD to 211AD, the first Roman emperor born of an African territory of Rome, Libya. His Dad was a black Libyan and his mother a white Italian. Unlike any other previous Roman emperor, he had the immediate trust of the African states due to his appearance and heritage and as a result, he succeeded in increasing Rome’s empire deep into many parts of Africa as well as the Middle-East

The vampire is being invited in to the African’s homes but as we all know it will not be for a friendly tea party. The entire army, navy, marines will enter Africa under AFRICOM and just do another Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s the same old propaganda

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